We have walked into  leadership roles at  growing firms and found  cash-based books , files “stored” in shared inboxes, manual billing processes, and data waiting to be utilized. Because we have experience performing this work in-house, we understand where outside services are valuable.​​​​​

We've been down the road you're on
Now on Sale

Your data is the most productive employee you’ll ever hire, and we can help you harness it. Whether it is automating a process, evaluating a vendor’s integration capability, or implementing always-on reporting, we are a one-stop solution for adding meaningful intelligence to your organization.​

We use your data to build intelligent processes and organizations​

Our services work seamlessly with clients' goals and needs. When a client's needs change, SNS's services can pivot to new sectors or focus more energy on existing projects.


  Alternatively, if a client has a budget in mind, then we can right-size our scope to match the budget and highest priorities at the time.​

We right-size our services to fit with your budget or scope needs​




Founder and Managing Principal

John has spent nearly his entire career in businesses or business units that are in a growth cycle.  He has been on the consulting side and client side, with deepest experience in business intelligence and financial planning and analysis.  Immediately prior to founding Series Next, John was the COO of a scaling startup, building its finance, business intelligence, and operations functions, and successfully preparing it for sale.

John was born and raised in New Orleans, though he spent time in Atlanta, Dallas, and Charlotte before settling "back home" in 2009.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Davidson College and a Master of Business Administration from Tulane University.


Founding Principal

Kendall is a Fortune 100 and Big Four accounting alumna, and has worked in various roles both domestically and abroad.  Her Finance background includes assignments in Venturing and Emerging Brands, Corporate Real Estate, Governance, Capital Management, and Internal Audit. 

Kendall spent several years living and working in North Carolina, Georgia, and Germany before settling in New Orleans in 2019. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and German from Davidson College and a Master of Science in Accountancy from Wake Forest University. 

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